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White Crowns

White Crowns – Oro Valley, AZWhite Crowns Repair Teeth and Look Great

Learn About Ceramic Dental Crowns

Human teeth have three primary layers. The hard outer coating, actually the hardest substance the body produces, is called tooth enamel. Beneath that, dentin forms the sensitive middle layer. At the core of a tooth, the root canal houses pulp, which includes the tooth’s nerve, blood vessels, and connective tissues. Fillings repair cavities that penetrate the enamel or enamel and dentin. However, if a cavity is so large that it compromises the structural integrity of a tooth, a filling won’t provide adequate restoration. Tooth decay, fracture, or chips may call for a more comprehensive restoration. A white dental crown is a ceramic, lab-made restoration that fits over the entire top portion of a tooth. A crown reinforces, strengthens, and improves health to a damaged tooth.

If you know or suspect that you need a white crown, schedule a visit with Dr. Johnson in our Oro Valley, AZ office.

White Crown Procedures

Placing a white dental crown requires two appointments, and we’ll schedule them for times most convenient for you. At the first visit, Dr. Johnson will make you comfortable, administer local anesthetic, and prepare your tooth for a crown. He’ll then take a dental impression for the ceramist at our dental lab. In addition, Dr. Johnson will use a shade guide to find the perfect coloring so that your restoration blends with surrounding teeth. You’ll wear a temporary crown until the next visit.

When you return for your second appointment, your permanent crown will be ready for placement. Dr. Johnson will remove your temporary and clean your tooth. He’ll then apply permanent dental cement to the crown and secure it onto your tooth. Once the cement sets, the dentist will assess your bite – how upper and lower teeth fit together when your mouth is closed. Should your new, white crown require adjustments, Dr. Johnson will complete the process at that time. You will leave our office with your beautiful, strong, permanent crown intact. With proper care and good oral health, the crown can last for a decade or longer.

If you know or suspect that you need a white crown, schedule a visit with Dr. Johnson in our Oro Valley, AZ office.

Types of Crowns

All crowns are indirect restorations, meaning they are fabricated outside of the patient’s mouth. (In contrast, a dental filling is a direct restoration because it is created in the patient’s mouth.) Our white crowns are made in a trusted, reputable dental lab by experienced ceramists.

Dental crowns can be made of various materials. The most popular are:

·         Ceramic (also called porcelain) – White crowns that work well on front teeth

·         Porcelain fused to metal (called PFMs) – White crowns that can endure a bit more pressure, but have less translucency than ceramic crowns; often used on teeth that do not show in a smile

·         Zirconia – White crowns strong enough to endure significant forces; often used on molars

·         Precious metal – Long lasting, very durable crowns that work well on molars; metal crowns are not white and look drastically different than natural teeth

·         Stainless steel – Often used for children with damaged primary teeth

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are also part of crown and bridge systems. Also called a “bridge,” these prosthetics replace one tooth or a few teeth in a row. Bridges are fabricated with crowns on one or both ends. The crowns attach to healthy, strong, natural teeth and hold the bridge permanently in place. Visit our crowns and bridges page to learn more.

Root Canal Completion

If you need a root canal, the procedure will likely come to completion after the affected tooth is treated and reinforced with a dental crown. For this endodontic procedure, an entry point is made in an infected tooth. Through this access portal, internal infected tissue is removed and replaced with a manmade substance. To seal the hole and deter infection, the tooth is covered with a custom dental crown.

If you know or suspect that you need a white crown, schedule a visit with Dr. Johnson in our Oro Valley, AZ office.

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