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I Have Pain or Discomfort

toothacheIf you are in pain due to a toothache, broken tooth, or some other problem, we can provide timely treatment. At Oracle Family Dental, we offer same-day emergency appointments, both to our long-term patients and to first-time visitors. While you are waiting to come in, we can also provide tips to minimize your discomfort at home and reduce the amount of dental damage. After treating your immediate pain, Dr. Maxwell Johnson will provide a lasting solution to restore your smile and dental function. You do not have to suffer in silence!

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Is Your Pain a Dental Emergency?

A broken or knocked out tooth can cause significant pain. It is important to contact us immediately so that we can instruct you in the best ways to preserve the healthy parts of your tooth and prevent further injury. We can also suggest home remedies, such as compresses or over-the-counter medications. These treatments can minimize your discomfort before you come into the office.

A broken tooth will not always cause pain or qualify as a dental emergency. If you have a small chip or crack, you may not feel anything at all. It is still important to seek treatment before these problems get worse and compromise the structural integrity of your tooth. However, a knocked out tooth or a break that extends to your tooth root will almost always cause pain. If your tooth comes out, you should pick it up without touching the root. Rinse it off, store it in a container of milk or saliva, and bring it with you to our office. Dr. Johnson may be able to place it back in your mouth.

Root Canal Therapy: A Common Option for Dental Infection

Whether your toothache is mild or severe, you should still seek timely treatment, as it could be a sign of a dental infection. Infection develops when bacteria infiltrate the soft tissue inside your tooth. They will then infect your tooth nerve and travel down your dental roots. Without care, you could lose the tooth. The infection could even spread to your jawbone, or the bacteria could enter your blood stream.

Root canals and extractions are typically the only solutions for infected teeth. When possible, root canals are preferable, since you will not require subsequent restorative care. Dr. Johnson will create a tiny opening in your tooth. Through this chamber, he will remove the infected tissue using gentle rotary instruments. When your tooth is free of infection, he will fill it with a compound called gutta percha, and he will place a custom-made dental crown.

Many people believe that root canal therapy will be very painful. In reality, the treatment will actually eliminate the pain of your toothache. You may experience some tenderness in and around the tooth for a few days after your treatment, but this discomfort will typically be much less noticeable than the original toothache. Mild, non-prescription medications can usually alleviate the slight irritation.

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Dental Crowns: A Lasting Solution for Oral Pain

Dental crowns are an important component of root canal therapy. A crown can also be an effective solution if your pain is due to a cracked tooth, broken tooth, or a very large cavity. Fitting all the way over your tooth, a crown can also restore the look of your smile

To place a crown, Dr. Johnson will shave off some of your dental tissue. This step will eliminate the decayed or damaged portion of your tooth. It will also create a sturdy foundation for your restoration. Next, Dr. Johnson will take impressions of your tooth, which lab technicians will use to design your crown. They can craft the restoration from several different materials. However, for the most lifelike effect, we suggest white crowns made from strong ceramic or zirconia.

It will usually take a few weeks to create your restoration, during which time you will wear a temporary crown. Dr. Johnson will address the source of your pain during your initial appointment, so you should not experience significant discomfort during this time. You may have increased dental sensitivity, especially in response to heat or cold. You can minimize these sensations with over-the-counter pain medication or anti-sensitivity toothpaste. When the final crown is finished, Dr. Johnson will make sure it fits properly. Once your crown is in place, any dental sensitivity should subside.

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